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Regional food

Regional food

In Alsace we love porcs ... and in the porc everything is good.

In addition to our famous sauerkraut dishes there are other less known dishes:

  • Fleischnackas,
  • Schiffala,
  • Salad winemaker
  • Baeckeoffe,
  • Flammenkuchen,
  • Foie gras (the alasace is the first region to have created this specialty!)

Well ... names of some dishes are not speaking for everyone. The best thing is to find a good restaurant in Alsace. If you look astonished by the quantity when discovering your dish, the server could tell you that in Alsace we eat as we work!

We keep the best munsters cheese home. In Alsace, it is likely that you will find it a more refined taste than usual. Once in the oven, it nevertheless reveals his character and perfume so nicely a salad or a hot munster pie.

And then there are our wines, riesling, pinot blanc or gris, Gewurztraminer ... Our best winemakers will tell you. They will share their passion. On that side, there are also findings to do at attractive prices.

And our desserts:

  • Kougelhopf
  • Iced Kougelhopf
  • Blueberry pie.

In summary, In Alsace we like to have fun at the table. From the traditionnal country food to the finest gastronomy we have something to please everybody.